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Five Brothers One Path

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 @ 9:31pm by Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Shadow of Darkum Village
Timeline: Current

Five brothers sat in a row in front of him, kneeling on mats, a small never ending flame, burning as a symbol of the light within, was separating him from them. He knelt on the woolen mat, his legs groaning as they still recovered from the steps. The center brother spoke first, "Brother Kajun Remal you come before us once more after many years departed. We sense a troubled Pagh and a misalignment of your path which was foretold by the Prophets. We are here to guide you back to the fold if this is where you wish to be, but be warned. If your spirit is deviant the path will split and you will fall in the eyes of the Prophets invoking the wrath of the Pah-wraiths. What say you?"

He thought about their offer and about why he had come. His mind and his heart ached in the conflict but in the end he thought of the one thing that made him the happiest. She needed him but he needed her more, whether she knew that or not. "I have come to find my true path. One that allows me to walk with my love at my side. If that path does not coincide with the will of the Prophets then I am willing to release them of their obligation as my controlling party. I ask only this, should the Prophets issue a challenge of me and my love, which they have, I wish them to know my heart is stronger than they will ever know."

The counsel of five murmured amongst themselves for a moment before responding. "Your willingness to renounce the Prophets so easily saddens us deeply, however we recognize you were once pure of heart, led astray by worldly thoughts and actions beyond your control. Therefore we will begin a retraining with a deep spiritual cleansing in the paqu jarra (River of Tears)."

"I appreciate your willingness to help. May I inquire, what of Rhenora, my beloved?" His thoughts still had not left her and his sole worry was that they would force his tether to her to break without his strength and stubbornness once the cleanse began.

A different Brother spoke, "Kaylen Rhenora has her own path, for now. You will meet again. Rest knowing she has her own obstacles to face before this time is through. The challenge foretold is greater than you know and we must break you of your ways before we can build you up once more. Your love for her must be secondary to that of the Prophets."

Remal allowed a sigh. "I feared you may say something in that vein. I like who I have become. To remold me in your image, pardon, I mean in the Prophet's image, feels as though you wish to change who I am into who They want me to be."

"We must trust in the Prophet's plan for us for they…"

"Why. Why must we do their bidding. Why must we follow their path?" He was growing defiant at their words.

The center Brother reigned the conversation back to a neutral based tone. "There is much discourse within you. We have much work to do and the cleansing will be a starting point." He smacked his hands together indicating a silence should be observed. This didn't make Remal happy but he obeyed the tradition and clammed up.

Two monks walked over and assisted Remal into a standing pose, where he bowed as a sign of respect. He was then guided out of the main hut, and down a winding path lined with fresh tended dirt and blooming fragrant flowers. He knew this path. He had walked this path once more. The familiarity screamed at him like a small child angry and in need of attention; in need of food.


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