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Velocity Club

Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 @ 7:00am by Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson & Chief Petty Officer Sapphire

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Holodeck 1

Dr Sarah Wilson kicked back at the end of her shift, feeling the deep urge in her muscles for a good workout but not really sure what she felt like doing. She had been quite the velocity player during her time at the Academy, but the Liberty didn't have an organised club set up. This gave her an idea.

"Wilson to Sapphire - you got a minute?" She paged the Andorian who she had done some sparring training with earlier.

Sapphire tapped her combadge and there was no way to tell from her voice that she had been in the middle of something. "Sapphire here. I do, where do you want me?"

"Holodeck 1, only if you're not busy" Sarah advised, packing away the research she was working on and saving the data until tomorrow.

"Nothing that can't wait", Sapphire said. "I'm on my way." She figured that whatever it was Sarah had in mind was bound to be more interesting than her paperwork.

A short while later, a still uniformed Sapphire arrived at holodeck one. "Are you feeling better?" she asked.

"Much" Sarah smiled, then brought up the standard program for Velocity. The holodeck grid remained, two hand phasers appeared, and a small metallic disk hovered in the centre of the room. "Ever played Velocity? She asked, raising an eyebrow and picking up the two phasers.

"No, I haven't", Sapphire said. "But you're not going to shoot me, are you? I've had quite enough of that for one day."

"Ok the rules of the game are simple - use your phaser to deflect the disk, and try not to get hit with it. If you get hit with the disk your opponent gets the point." Sarah explained, setting the game to level 1 so Sapphire could get the gist of it at a slower pace.

"That does sound like fun", Sapphire smiled. "I'll try not to shoot you then." She winked. This did seem like a great training routine. Maybe that was what she should recommend to Bonnie? Getting hit if she didn't hit, that should motivate the engineer. "Okay, let's start", she said as she picked up the holographic phaser.

"Computer, begin level 1." Sarah ordered and took her stance, waiting for the game to begin. "Team red Wilson, Team blue Sapphire. Beginning level 1" The computer intoned, and the disk began to move, fairly slowly at first to allow the players to warm up.

Sapphire evaded the disk as she got a feel for how the game worked. "Nice, it attacks you." She grinned. "How did I not know about this game before? It's perfect training!"

"It was generally assigned to those who didn't do so well at weapons training in the Academy as a fun way to build skill and endurance. I grew to like it and joined the Academy club for regular tournaments." Sarah kept her eye on the disk, easily deflecting it with weapons fire as it moved through the room. Soon the computer would increase the skill level and the real fun would begin.

"Ah, so you're saying I was too good to ever be introduced to it?" Sapphire smirked. She did like her ego stroked.

"Pretty much, my fine motor skills are great for surgery but gross motor skills often leave something to be desired" Sarah admitted honestly, taking a shot and sending the disk careening back into the hologrid towards Sapphire.

"Level 2" The computer intoned as the disk started to move faster.

Sapphire shot it, grinning as she did. This was fun, and she was happy to show off some of her fancier shooting skills. Her antennae were useful, as she could follow the disk behind her back as well. "I love this!"

"I'm glad, wait till you get to around level 5, then it really keeps you on your toes" Sarah quipping, taking another shot and nailing the disk. "A normal game is 10 rounds, but we can play as much or as little as you like."

"Did you treat Bonnie Durnell?" Sapphire asked. "I suggested she should go to sickbay after shooting me during phaser practice earlier." She had no issue talking and shooting at these low levels.

"She came in, Anna looked after her" Sarah replied, taking it easy until the computer levelled up again.

"Level 3" Moving a little faster again the disk bounced off the walls towards the two players.

"Is she going to be okay?" Sapphire asked as she evaded the disk without shooting it as it was Sarah's turn.

"I can't discuss details - but she's fine" Sarah smiled, bringing her weapon up and shooting the disc one handed. "Computer, level up" She called, speeding up the game.

"Ah, good", Sapphire said. "She'll have to learn to do this then." She shot the disk while ducking away under it.

The game started to progress quickly - increasing the level at regular intervals until it began to pose a challenge. Sweat began to beat on Sarah's brow as she moved quickly to avoid being hit. Now the fun was about to start. "I think she'll like it" she puffed, starting to work from the exertion of both shooting and avoiding.

Sapphire knew that this was getting harder to win as the game progressed. The longer she avoided the disk, the more out of breath she would be. This didn't just mean that she'd move more slowly, but it also meant that her accuracy suffered. This made it excellent training, which she appreciated, but the Andorian limitation of having lower than average stamina was beginning to tell, and showed also in fewer words being spoken. "Good."

Sarah was working hard, being a little out of condition since coming on board a few months ago. Her sparring with Sapphire had shown up a number of weaknesses in both her strength and cardio training - this would go a long way to addressing those weaknesses.

Sapphire suddenly dropped to the ground and rolled away as the disk came for her, shooting it at the last second, hoping to catch Sarah off-guard. "Heh!"

Sarah was torn between helping her comrade who she thought had fallen accidentally and not getting hit with the disk. Her attention was divided for the barest of instants, but it was enough to lose her the round. The disk caught her left shoulder and vanished.

"Round one - winner Sapphire." The computer intoned "Please state your readiness for round two."

"Never help a fallen opponent while there are still shots flying about", Sapphire said, getting back on her feet.

"Can't help it, I'm a doctor, others before self and all that" Sarah snorted, making sure Sapphire was indeed ok before centering herself again. "Go again?"

"Yes", Sapphire agreed. "Until I'm out of breath completely, I'm good."

"Computer, begin round two, starting level 4." Sarah breathed deeply, recovering as much as she could before the disk started moving again.

Sapphire had to adjust her strategy. Less evasion and more shooting. She'd have to rely on her antennae more, to see where the disk was, and predict where it would appear. That way, she might manage to stay in the game longer.

Sarah moved quickly, keeping her phaser aimed at the disk as it moved swiftly around the room, she nailed the shot and sent it careening towards the Andorian.

Sapphire shot it as quickly as she could. "Not bad", she smiled. This medical officer was really good.

"Better with my hands than I am with my body" Sarah retorted, missing the next shot but getting out the way enough so that it didn't hit her.

"I bet you give great massages, then", Sapphire smirked, moving away just slightly before hitting the disk.

"I haven't actually attempted that to be honest" Sarah huffed, making sure she didn't let her attention be distracted this time. She wouldn't fall for that again. "You ok?" She tossed over her shoulder, never taking her eyes off the disk.

"Yes", Sapphire smirked, bummed out it hadn't worked, but at the same time appreciating that she didn't fall for the easy tricks. "Keep firing."

"That's what I'm planning on" Sarah fired again, taking aim and nailing the disk again. She was in her comfort zone and happy to stay there and push her limits.

Sapphire took a few steps back, concentrating on more and quicker shots rather than evading, using her phaser to keep the disk at bay rather than moving out of its way. It was her way to recover some stamina. She had no vegetable soup ready to use mid-combat, after all.

"Flagging?" Sarah asked as she fired again, ducking as the disk recoiled directly towards her. Her aim must be wavering as she tired.

And her aim wasn't as good as usual, but Sapphire managed to keep the upper hand for as long as her phaser wasn't complaining about a lack of power. And as it was holographic, that should never happen. She would just have to live with sending some shots into the walls now. "Adjusting my strategy."

"Two can play that game" the doctor retorted as she focused more on aim and less on movement. Sapphire was skilled with the phaser and the MO was determined to learn skill and tactic through watching and learning.

"I don't have the stamina to be dodging this disk for an hour", Sapphire admitted. But as her breathing calmed, her shots were getting more accurate again. It was as though she had a second pair of eyes to keep watch, and if one paid attention where her antennae were pointing, it would soon become obvious that this was precisely what was happening.

Sarah was tiring despite her efforts at conserving her energy. The disk hit her midsection and vanished again.

"Round Two - Winner Sapphire" The computer narrated.

"Computer, end game" Sarah headed over to the bench and mopped her sweat with her towel. She'd enjoyed the game and vowed to play again as soon as convenient.

"Good game - let's play again another day - I'm stuffed" She admitted, taking a swig of water. It felt good to get active again.


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