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Crashing with Pizza

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 6:15pm by Lieutenant Jessica Holland & Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia M.D.

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Jessica's Cabin

After walking the length of the corridors of what felt like half the ship, which was quite the distance given how long the Liberty's saucer section was, Anna had finished her part of delivering the antiviral drug to the crew. Everyone would be good in the morning, she was confident, and could resume shore leave to Bajor.

With her feet aching, she arrived at Jessica's cabin and rang the doorbell, hoping she was home, and wouldn't be too annoyed seeing her, after the rough day everybody had had.

A moment passed and then the door opened, Jessica stood there in sweatpants and over sized shirt. "Anna! To what do I owe this pleasant surprise? And please come in."

Anna didn't mind Jessica's attire at all. She walked in and asked, "I just thought I'd check on you personally. How are you feeling now?"

"Better now, thank you for asking and taking a personal interest in me. Can you stay awhile?" Jessica asked, walking further back into her quarters.

Anna walked in and put her arm around Jessica. "I'd love to stay a while, in fact." She leaned in against her, adding. "I'm knackered."

"Well I bet you are, you poor thing. Have a seat on the couch and make yourself at home. Would you like some hot cocoa? Or do you want something stronger?"

"Surprise me", Anna smiled, sitting down and stretching her legs. "Say, did you ever walk all the corridors of this ship? My feet feel like they did."

"Surprise you? Okay I can definitely do that." Jessica said with a grin as she headed into the kitchen only to stop and look back at Anna. "No. Why would I want to do that? I bet your feet hurt. Put them up, take the weight off them."

"I just felt it was easier than having everyone feeling sick and coming to sickbay", Anna remarked. "And I checked with the roster to make sure I got everyone, and nobody's lying in some dark corner slowly succumbing to despair."

Jessica's voice floated back from the kitchen, "That's why you are such a good doctor Anna. Your compassion and caring." An instant later she reappeared with a mug of steaming hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and a cherry. "For you." She said handing it to Anna.

"Ooo, fancy", Anna grinned as she took the mug into both her hands, before taking the cherry off the top and popping it into her mouth first. "I hear the XO got into a row with the chef in the lounge. Did security get called over it?"

"Nothing but the best for you." Jessica said with a smile. "The XO Commander Saprik? Jessica replied, "No we, weren't called. Do you know what happened? If you do spill the beans."

"Saprik? What does that mean?" Anna wondered. That word made no sense to her. "And no, all I heard was she was furiously defending her innocence in this affair."

"Saprik. Isn't that the Xo's name?" Jessica asked innocently "And I don't know about her innocence. She is the head chef after all and she's responsible for what goes on in the kitchen, Just like you are for medical."

"Savar. His name's Savar... and a few other words that I can't remember", Anna said. "And I'd be pretty upset myself if I was given a batch of bad medicine, but get the blame for its side-effects." She stirred the cream into the cocoa. "

"Oh. Savar, well I knew it started with an S." Jessica replied with a giggle. "But Anna," She continued, "You're the CMO, it's your duty to make sure everything is right. It may not be fair but it comes when your the person in charge."

"There's a certain degree of trust involved on all levels", Anna said. "Like, it takes an engineer to determine whether the laser scalpel I'm using works properly. A computer specialist takes care of the EMH, a chemist of the medicines, and so on and so forth. You can't be personally on top of everything."

"I don't disagree with that Anna. However, if we blame a Captain or an XO for something a subordinate did or in this case the chef should be held accountable when something goes wrong." Jessica answered.

"If I decided to do something stupid, I wouldn't think it just for the skipper to take the blame for it either", Anna said. "I don't think it's a reasonably way to assign responsibility."

"Maybe you would Anna. However Command doesn't think like that. The Captain and XO are responsible for the crew and their actions." Jessica replied, taking a seat next to Anna on the couch.

"I know", Anna said. "I guess it shows I'm just a glorified civilian?" She smirked. "I definitely didn't internalise many of those things you learnt at the Academy."

Jessica shook her head, "No. It means you are ideally suited to be a doctor because of your concern for others."

"That's very sweet, thank you", Anna smiled, taking a sip of her cocoa and leaning against Jessica.

"It's true Anna. You care about others. You sincerely care and that is a rare and valuable quality to have." Jessica replied as she looped an arm around Anna's shoulders.

"It's exhausting, though", Anna said. "So I'm glad I'm not having to sit in my quarters by myself now."

"Me. too." Jessica replied. "You just relax Anna. You've already put in a long day."

"And to think all I wanted to do was visit some friends on Bajor, before inviting you down to a nice dinner", Anna mused.

"Well silly, go do that. Go visit your friends and while your down there, buy yourself a pet duck and name it Mal Lard. Then when you're ready for me to come down, just call me." Jessica replied with a smile.

"Tomorrow", Anna said. "I'm spent. And I need food. Are you up for dinner, even if it's from the replicator?"

"We can have dinner right here Anna. That way you don't have to go far to eat." Jessica suggested.

"What food do you like, when it's not me roasting duck?" Anna asked.

"I did like shrimp scampi but after this last episode, I'm not so sure if I want to try it again." Jessica answered truthfully.

Anna laughed. "How about a pizza? Quick and easy, and oh so good." She felt like she could eat two at this point.

"That's a great idea!" Jessica agreed happily, though no anchovies. Yuck!" She finished scrunching up her face as she finished.

Anna finished her cocoa and stood, heading for the replicator. "No anchovies, good." She recycled the mug, then pressed a few keys in the replicator menu to put together what she wanted, which was faster than telling the computer with her voice. She came back with lots of mini-pizzas with different toppings. She placed them down on the table before joining Jessica on the sofa again. "Random selection, but no anchovies, or anything Trill physiology can't handle."

"Good!" Jessica replied, "No fish on the pizza. Yuck." She repeated as she reached for a pepperoni pizza and started to take a bite. "Oh wait. What do you want to drink with your pizza?" She asked Anna.

"Nothing right now, thanks", Anna said. "I just need some food in me. My metabolism had to work harder today, to compensate for the toxins. But at least I didn't get sick. It helps being half Minaran sometimes."

"I'm sorry Anna." Jessica answered sincerely. "I'm glad you didn't get sick but sorry for the uncalled for extra work you had to do."

Anna smiled at Jessica. "You're sweet. But I'm not complaining. When you're exhausted, resting and getting comfortable is that much better." She smirked. "You don't mind getting comfortable with me, do you?"

Jessica shook her head, "Nope." She answered between bites of her pizza. "I like it."

"Good", Anna said, wrapping her free arm around Jessica, eating pizza with the other hand. "Besides, you smell better than this pizza."

"I certainly hope so!" Jessica said with a laugh. I work hard to look and smell good." She giggled as she took another bite of her pizza.

Anna's hand moved down to Jessica's thigh. "I can tell. Effort well spent." She then grabbed another slice. Anna was too lazy to spend much time on this kind of effort, but her physiology was so far working in her favour. Of course she didn't need to tell Jessica, at least not just yet, she felt.

"Hmmm. Soft hands. Doctor's hands." Jessica observed sagely. "And thank you. I try to keep in shape."

"I'll find out how in shape I am tomorrow", Anna said. "Got a Velocity match with Bonnie Durnell. Not only do I have to learn how to shoot quickly, but I'll have to jump all over the place as well."

"You'll do fine." Jessica assured her friend. "A hint. Don't worry about your speed, worry about your accuracy. When you finish, let me know how you did."

"I will, and thanks. I don't think winning is important, but if I'm a pushover, it'll be no fun for either of us", Anna said. "I have to put up at least some resistance, right?"

"Absolutely. You have to make her work. Everyone well almost everyone likes a challenge. If it's easy it cheapens the victory." Jessica observed.

"I suppose", Anna said. "I don't mind to get a few things cheap and easy, though. Lowest effort for maximum gain, and all that. No, I'm not a Ferengi."

"There's always exceptions." Jessica agreed. "And don't worry no one would mistake you for a Ferengi."

Anna snickered. "My ears aren't as good anyway. But my teeth are better maintained."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think you are beautiful." Jessica replied with a smile.

"Means I don't look odd next to you, so good", Anns smirked. She had a way of giving weird compliments.


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