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Meeting the Bosses Part 2

Posted on Sat Dec 17th, 2022 @ 9:36am by Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Rosa Coy & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Major Damon Griffith

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current-ish

Jen could feel the eyes burnings into her and tried so very hard to ignore the sensation of being watched, and very acutely judged. These people didn't know her from a bar of the proverbial soap and she was here to prove that she was XO material and thus Captain material. Unable to resist any longer she looked at Rosa. " Is there something I can assist you with Commander?" She asked without a hint of tone in her voice.

Tell her you were admiring her breasts. Because we were and it will embarrass her and keep her from asking further. "You remind me of someone familiar, that's all. I apologize if I was staring." Impressing the people you reported to was paramount. If she embarrassed herself now she would never work herself out of the hole. Coy returned her gaze to the Captain, waiting for their conversation to continue. Dominate females are intolerable, except in the bedroom. Nothing better than a Dom telling you exactly what they want.

Jen thought for a moment, calculating the level of Coy's gaze and realising just what she had been staring at. Two could play that game. "Familiar by name or by body?" Westlake cocked a hip and had her hands on her hips by habit, accentuating her form, waiting for the reply before turning her attention back to the Captain who was watching with an interesting expression.

Coy was prepared to defend herself. After all, she was getting used to having to get out of situations she put herself into. "Temperament, actually, unless you're implying something else, Commander." She kept her tone civil and straight forward. "Reminded me of one Commander Shelby, as though you're trying to live up to her standards." Coy laughed internally, almost breaking a smile. Her eyes remained focused on the Captain, waiting for intervention.

"Shelby was on the fast track to command and the brass took notice" Jen replied as a matter of fact "she got her own command in her early thirties, not a bad goal to aspire to" she looked at Coy as tough to gauge her reaction.

"True. Stepped on a lot of toes on her way up too. Leaves me wondering if I should learn to dance or wear steel-toe shoes." Coy seethed but maintained her focus on the Captain. If this Shelby wannabe wanted to blink first, that was her choice. Coy was too stubborn in her own internal conflict to care.

"Alright. That's enough. As amusing as that was, it's a good thing it was all behind closed doors and off duty. Else there'd be a problem." Kaylia shook her head a little bit with a sigh, having made sure to keep her tone very stern and final on the matter...for now. It was amusing though that was for sure. If it wasn't her job at the moment, she might have joined in. "Either of you mind if we get back to business then?" that was rhetorical.

"No Ma'am." They answered together in a sort of weird unison. But then Coy added for good measure, "Sorry ma'am, please continue." For Rosa's sake, she was sorry for making an ass out of herself in front of her new boss. The past few years her life had been a series of situations she was constantly apologizing for. It was probably a situation such as this that led to her dismissal from the Seedsower. At this point her altercations and infractions were starting to bleed together, and yet, she kept getting promoted.

At least they listened, for now. Violet eyes shifting back and forth between the two of them. "I think we're all well aware of the duties that are suppose to be done here. Now where were we. Yes. Thank you, Commander." Kaylia tapped on the PADD acknowledging the transfer and position. "Other than, it would be quaint to have Major Griffith here also so this doesn't have to be done again." Sending another message to Damon. "Lets get the questions out of the way."

Just then the door chime sounded. Damon was sort of late due to the fact that he had stopped by his office to grab an updated personnel report for the new Captain after he had left the officer's lounge.

Or perhaps that was Damon after all. "Hold that thought," said with a finger up in the air. "Come."

The door slid open to reveal one Major Griffith, who was currently in his Marine Uniform. Once he entered he noted that two other women were present who were wearing command red uniforms with three gold pips. He presumed that one of them was the new first officer and the other was the new third officer. The Marine swiftly stood at attention. "Major Damon Griffith reporting as ordered sir" It wasn't required for him to have that much sternness and formality. However as a Marine, in situations like meeting a new CO, he felt that he wanted make a good first impression.

At least she hadn't sat back down yet at this point. Giving a glance over the Major a moment, and a nod. "At ease, Major." All three of them such formality. That was a little new in a manner being on the receiving end instead of having to deliver it. Kaylia gave a light smile for a moment.

The Major nodded. He moved closer to the Captain's desk. "I apologize for the tardiness Captain, I was making a stop by my office to pick up an updated personnel manifest for the security department" he said as he held out the PADD to Captain Strenvale.

Appropriately reprimanded, Westlake returned to her at ease posture and turned her attention to the new arrival, learning as much as she could about her fellow senior staff from their non verbal cues and their body language.

"Let's make sure it doesn't happen in the middle of a crunch." Kaylia shifted her hips a little, the medal cyndrical object there shifting a bit as she did. Taking the PADD, checking it and signing off on it as well. Putting it with the rest, "As I was about to get into at this point. Regardless of any other questions I may have privately for the three of you. Were there any for me." Now moving from where she stood by her desk to actually behind it in front of her chair.

"It won't happen again Captain, I can assure you" Westlake said firmly, her head all over the place from the altercation with the 3XO. She refocused on the Captain. "How much of the crew have you worked with before Captain?"

Coy bided her time. She had come to answer questions, not ask them. Though there was one burning in the back of her mind. Why me? Why was I promoted and unceremoniously handed over to the Liberty to serve on a command crew mostly consisting of women? But this wasn't a question to ask around certain ears. So she waited.

"I don't readily recall any of them that I have before now. I've not completely gotten through the transfers so I suppose there could be someone." Kaylia finally sat down, leaning back in the chair. Linking her hands together via interlacing her fingers.

"Interesting, so they'll be getting to know you as we all will" Westlake mused as she laced her fingers behind her.

"Surely that can't be the only question or questions," Kaylia tilted her head a little bit.

Coy hesitated before asking, "Did my former captain on the Seedsower say anything about why I was promoted and then transferred all in one move?" She fidgeted slightly with her hands. "I mean, I'm grateful don't get me wrong, it was just, I thought we were getting along pretty well, is all." We had only reached our goal of sleeping with half the ships' crew, and he ruined that.

"There may have been something slipped in there. Don't get me wrong either, your service record is exemplary. We should probably discuss that at another time privately, Commander." Kaylia gave a nod to Coy.

"Ma'am. Yes ma'am." Coy agreed. Private matters should stay private matters, she understood that. "If there are no further questions or instructions I ask to take my leave, Captain?" Coy asked in retrospect she had not gotten to know the Major much at all, but that could always happen at a later date.

"I don't have anything else for you Miss Coy at the moment. Don't dally on coming back to me about that private matter." Kaylia stood. Her tail was a little more active than previously at the moment. "I take it neither of you have anything else either?"

Westlake shook her head "No Ma'am, I'll have the crew rosters and transfer documents for all new crew to you within the hour" she said formally, trying to put her best foot forward.

Together they waited to be officially dismissed. They were also waiting for the silent Major Griffith to speak. Both Coy and Westlake had said their peace.

"Nothing from me Captain. I will have my current security assessments on your desk in about an hour or two as well" the Major spoke.

"Alright, then, I look forward to them. Get on out of here." Sitting back down Kaylia turned the screen on the desk back on.

Westlake nodded and headed out of the room and towards her own office, eager to get that good impression down on paper with a good first set of rosters and reports. Hopefully today was the start of her future.

Coy turned and followed Westlake out, being careful to keep a step or two behind. She wasn't ready to share a lift with her just yet. She kept her eyes low, nothing that the few from behind wasn't all that bad.

Major Griffith followed his colleagues out of the room given he had just been dismissed. This was basically the first time he met his command colleagues. However given he was late to the meeting and because he hadn't served or met with any of them before, it would be some time before he really got to know them. Though right now, that wasn't completely on his mind. First he needed coffee to get through the rest of the day. Second, he needed to get some work for his department done.



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