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Change of Command Part 3

Posted on Sat Dec 24th, 2022 @ 11:37pm by Commander Rosa Coy & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Lieutenant Commander Allen Yankovic & Major Damon Griffith & Lieutenant S & Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Theo Cauthon & Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto & Thomas Mathews

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Forward Lounge/Officers Mess
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Sikan was the last to arrive, uncharacteristically for a Vulcan. Although she excused her tardiness due to her half human heritage and simply smiled at the gathered contingent in the large room. She would have thought up some scientific related excuse had she been asked why she had been late to arrive, but thankfully no-one thought to question her unpunctuality.

Kaylia finally moved from the gathered as a whole. Into a more open space and get their attention. Instead of clearing her throat, or tapping some glass, she tapped on the PADD in hand to emit an ear piercing sound. Tail tapping in a timed rhythm against her thigh.

Alex turned to look for the loud sound's origin. It came from a woman's PADD. She assumed that was the person who had called for the meeting. The Captain. She waited.

Kell looked left and right, in case someone looked in pain and her services would be called upon... now or later on. She continued to type quietly on her forearm PADD.

Coy quickly covered her ears out of instinct. The high-pitched tones were annoying but didn't physically hurt. She eyed the Captain and waited for the ringing to stop to hear what it was she had to say.

It was left long enough to certainly get everyone's attention, before stopping. Strenvale, waiting to make sure she had their undivided attention.

When theo heard the ear splitting sound he rolled his eyes visibly and moved over to be closer to the group, popping a squat like a squirrel on a tree, he opened his ears intently to listen to what was to come.

Sikan’s Vulcan ears had quickly perked up due to the high pitched noise. She raised a typically Vulcan eyebrow and breathed a deep sigh. The pitch of the noise was certainly uncomfortable to human ears, but to her half Vulcan auditory system it was damn near unbearable. She wondered how long it would go on for.

"Well that works" Westlake grumbled as she slipped towards the the front of the crew and positioned herself so she could see the Captain clearly.

As Westlake stepped in front of her, effectively blocking her view of the Captain, Coy grimaced. It seemed rude and in her buzz, she was immediately angry having been upstaged. They could have stood shoulder to shoulder but as Coy had outwardly commented earlier, this Westlake was a stepper of toes. Immediately Coy wanted to dance, instead she simply stepped forward and to the side a bit, pressing her elbow and only her elbow in front of Westlake.

The look that came from Westlake was blistering but she softened just a tad seeing it was Coy. This woman she couldn't quite get a grip on, between the obvious physical attraction there was an repulsion that seemed to emanate from her being, as though she couldn't stand Jen and what she stood for, or where she was going. This confused the XO to no end. Realizing she was taller and in front of Coy she stepped slightly to the side and motioned an apology.

Coy noticed the gesture and relaxed her posture to reciprocate. Perhaps we've misjudged her. Perhaps Westlake has a soft nuggatty center under that hard exterior. Perhaps if we press the right buttons we can get our fingers into her softer side, maybe loosen her up. Rosa sighed as her inner thoughts had pushed her own limits for the day even with the cognitive suppressor and the alcohol. She resolved to not win this day.

Allen wiggled a finger in his ear as he turned towards the noise, "Yep saw that coming...." Took a long sip of his drink as he watched the Captain and crew.

Alex looked from one person to the next with interest. The conversation going on at the bar seemed a bit like a faceoff between the people there. Alex made no effort to join it. She didn't want to get into a faceoff, and she wasn't a fan of confrontations.

Thomas started to think that he should have worn his Hawaiian shirt, but then he would have stuck out and that was not what he wanted to do. Thomas preferred to blend until he was needed.

"Now that I have everyone's attention," Kaylia looked down at the PADD for a moment. "By order effective immediately, Captain Sandy Shannon has been relived of command of the USS Liberty. Leaving a legacy behind in her wake. A mantle to be taken up also effective immediately by Captain Kaylia Felicia Strenvale. All right, duties and privlages there in with her new rank and position as Commanding Officer of said USS Liberty. Signed Starfleet Command, Admiral James Vardefell." Since there was no music playing, just her raised voice should be enough for her to have been heard. Dropping the PADD down against her thigh. "Now with that out of the way. I didn't feel we needed the whole show and boat usually given with a change of command ceremony. Hence why I asked you all to come here instead. There will be a Senior staff meeting in the conference room in two days, 0700 hours. So get what you need in order, as well as what you need to out of your system within that time." Motioning out to in particular those with drinks, and the ones that had already been getting into shall we say..colorful discussions.

Westlake raised her glass and raised her voice to be heard above the general hubbub that was beginning to bubble again " Here's to the new Captain of the Liberty!"

"HEAR HERE!" said Dr Asaa.

From his perch Theo smiled, this would be his first assignment and now he was able to really make a mark with a brand new captain "To Captain Strenvale may she lead us diligently as we boldly go where no one has gone before" he said as he held up his long island ice tea in a way of cheers to the captain and rest of the crew.

From the bar, where Leo continued to sit and stew, he raised a glass in silent salute. He had been a member of the Liberty since launch and was now witnessing his fourth, or was it fifth Captain? Either way, once the shit hit the fan, there was no telling if this one would stay. Only time could do that.

Coy raised her hand in solidarity, then quickly lowered it upon realizing there was no glass in it. Instead she resolved to clapping her approval before looking around the room for a fresh hot piece of... By the God's we better get laid tonight... She thought to herself as she bit her lip.

"Congratulations, Ma'am, with your promotion", Alex said. "May the future hold many great adventures and great memories for you". She fell silent, wondering if there was more she could say. It wasn't every day that a new Captain was appointed.

Sikan bowed her head silently, her hands clasped behind her back in a most Vulcan manner. She appreciated the achievement the new Captain had warranted to become the new CO, and Sikan would treat her with the upmost respect, just as she had any other CO she had served under.

"Thank you all for the kind words," Kaylia moved to set the PADD away where she could keep it safe. Not that it could be accessed anyway. Now she simply wanted to interact with them like she was not the Captain. "Who is deciding they are going to stay back, instead of converse?" Specifically pointing each one out. "Also," motioning to the tender, "Three of each that Coy, Westlake, and the rest they were deciding to drink. For myself."

Alex stuck to her glass of water. She had tried alcohol in her teenage years, and she hadn't liked it. The feeling of having no control had no appeal to her.

Content she had made her appearence and presence felt, Coy was looking for the exit. She was sort of curious about seeing what the Captain was like drunk, or how much liquor she could hold, but the deeper urges were pulling her elsewhere. There was a bar on the station calling her name.

Dr. Thomas Mathews sat quietly by himself watching everyone around him. He was curious to see if he could go unnoticed.

Now of course Kaylia noticed everyone. It's sort of what she did and was able to do, giving a motion to Doctor Mathews. "Not caring to join us, or anyone else?"

Kell smiled as she made her way, roundabout, to the door, nodding cordially or exchanging a brief greeting. No one had bleeding from the ear or pained expressions outside the social kind, and she had things to check on in sickbay and felt fortunate she had a couple of days to review the new crew additions before departure.

Allen stayed over at the bar but did toast the good captain. He felt off the new crew, the old crew all the same. He still saw the faces of his Army buddies, he didn't want to get too attached. His implant continued to feed him updates on the ship's systems as he drank for the captain and for old missing friends.

The Major had been relatively quiet for most of the event. After it started to clear up in the lounge he moved over to an armchair in the back corner of the room that was next to a window and sat down. He took a sip of his drink and then sat it down in front of him. He kept an eye on the scene however to make sure nothing got out of hand.

Theo was sat at his table he wanted to finish his drink before filling out. he had been nursing it for a while he waved at those who were leaving and he drank some of his drink.

The celebration continued on into the evening with comers and goers. They all were now aware of their position and what lay ahead. Time had called the Liberty into action once more and she would face it head on. Hung over or not.


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