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There is no Shakedown Part 1

Posted on Thu Jan 5th, 2023 @ 3:12am by Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Rosa Coy & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Lieutenant Commander Allen Yankovic & Major Damon Griffith & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Lieutenant S & Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Theo Cauthon & Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr & Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto & Thomas Mathews

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current

It's been the given two days at this point, so the crew that needed to get whatever out of their systems, should have had enough time. Also the ship being prepared to leave, the rest of the crew that needed to get on board there. By this time, they'd already been given a mission out of the gate.

To say there were raised voices coming from the Ready Room would be partially an understatement. That couldn't be a good sign, or maybe just the muffle from the doors were making it sound that way. Perhaps it was excited tones. Either way, the crew should be on duty and in their places once Kaylia came out and onto the Bridge. A look from her demeanor and the way her tail was moving in an agitated way would be a clue to some how the conversation had actually gone.

She looked over the Bridge and those at there stations giving just a nod before she moved over to the big chair. She'd sat in it before many times but not in this capacity. The previous conversation was keeping the apprehension shadowed, which should be a good thing for the crew. Keeping her confidence flared. Pressing a button on the arm of the chair once she sat down. "All stations report."

Kell heard the announcement from the Captain and figured it was time to depart. The good doctor glanced at her PADD, flipping over to her last report in case she had any questions.

=/\= "Dr Asaa here. Medical is ready and manning all stations. I'll send up my last report on personnel readiness to read at your leisure and be on my way." =/\=

Kell signed off and sent her latest personnel readiness report to the Capt and command staff. There were a couple of late arrivals that hadn't checked in with her yet, but she'd track them down if they didn't show up on their own. Standing and checking out her appearance, she confirmed she hadn't picked up any untoward stains yet and yanked down on the bottom of her blouse, smoothing out any wrinkles. With a nod she exited her office in sickbay and headed for the conference room, curious as to the new mission.

Allen was standing next to the warp core, listening to it purr. "Franklin make sure you double-check the pressure in the intermix chamber. I don't want to pitter out in the middle of warp."

=/\= "Yankovic here. Engineering is manned and ready and I have this baby purring like a kitten." =/\=

Leo walked past just as Yankovic spoke and grumbled to himself before turning into the opening for the plasma intake junction and disappearing. He was better off working alone when he wass feeling in a mood anyway.

On the bridge, Sikan sat patiently until there was a gap in communication long enough for her to speak. Eventually one came came along. She swivelled in her chair away from the science console for a moment and addressed her captain, “Sciences report ready to do their duty, sir.”

Damon stood at his security console. On his screen he had diagrams of the Liberty that could give readouts of different situations pertaining to his department on the ship. The layout for him was a little more organized and open than if he was both the Security Chief and Chief Tactical Officer. He actually liked the separation of these two positions on the Liberty because it split up the workload. That way in a situation he could focus on Security and the Tactical Officer could focus on weapons control and defense. Either way he had a job to do and as a Marine security was part of his specialty and job. "Security is ready for anything Captain" Damon reported.

Ensign Theo Cauthon was sat at his station on the bridge, he had been going over the sensor logs and going through the rosta of people under him "Operations Here and accounted for captain ready and raring to go as always" he said with a wink.

"Helm ready. Flight control reports all passengers and crew are clear and moorings are retracted. Tower says we should have nothing but clear sky's and rainbows ahead." Coy said as she ad-libbed a bit. Dull moments were behind them now.

"Captain, all stations reporting ready" Commander Westlake reported from the XO's station. "What have we got?" She noticed the Captain's demeanor and was curious as to what had caused it.

Instead of calling the senior staff to the Conference Room, for now. That would be done later so all the details could be gone over, Kaylia patched them through the ships comms. "As of now, we will be heading to restricted space. Completely illegal and privy to life in a penal colony or even death. Because of the nature of our orders, that has been lifted, solely for us by Starfleet Command and the Federation both. We are to head to the Mutara system. Once enroute I want the senior staff in the Conference Room. Wait for my call and don't dally." Tapping the arm of the console to shut the call off.

Westlake raised her eyebrows at this unveiling of their orders. It was an unusual one to say the least, given the area of space they had been ordered to. She held her tongue as the Captain addressed the crew and then waited for the Liberty to change course before making her way to the conference room a step behind the Captain.

Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr had just finished stowing away her gear and uniforms in her quarters and grabbing her PaDD when the announcement from the captain came overhead "As of now, we will be heading to restricted space. Completely illegal and privy to life in a penal colony or even death. Because of the nature of our orders, that has been lifted, solely for us by Starfleet Command and the Federation both. We are to head to the Mutara system. Once enroute I want the senior staff in the Conference Room. Wait for my call and don't dally." She decided she needed to get with the act pretty fast. She grabbed her PaDD and headed out to the bridge, and the auxiliary console for communications.

Alright, Mutara System. Nothing but a giant gas cloud and an observation station there. Well, unless the rumors are true and there are remnants of the Genesis Planet. Rosa ignored Coy's musings and laid in a course. "Course plotted Captain, speed?" she asked, unsure of how fast the Captain wished for them to arrive at their destination.

Ensign Pashi made it to a turbo lift and stated simply =^=Bridge=^= and the lift took off. She arrived shortly at the bridge and took a quick look around; she had already familiarized herself with the bridge layout and quickly spotted the empty auxiliary workstation used by the second science officer when on the bridge and also the communications console when Ops wasn’t handling that. She made her way to the station and subvocalized her commands to the computer =^=Computer, Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr is reporting to this workstation acknowledge. =^= The computer took a few seconds before responding =^=Acknowledged that Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr is reporting to duty on the bridge at this console. It must be pointed out that Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr has not yet reported to Medical, Counseling and Department head for check in, per protocol. =^= Pashi quietly chuckled at the indignant tone of the computer. =^=Understood, my department head is on the bridge. =^= with that she began making adjustments to the computer to best suit her.

Kaylia gave a glance to Pashi as they came onto the Bridge, then returned her focus to Coy. "Maximum cruising speed. It's not an emergency, at least..not that we know of."

"Yes Ma'am" Commander Westlake nodded as the helm made the appropriate adjustments then she pulled up all the data she could on their destination, determined to be ahead of the 8-ball by the time they got there. " Have you received any further detail Captain?" She asked.

Alex had next to no idea as to what was going on at present. While she had been informed about the current situation, she was wondering what they were going to do in the Mutara system. All she had heard was that there was a giant gas cloud there. She sincerely hoped that nothing would spark and blow the whole area to rubble. It was definitely a possibility. She just prayed that it wouldn't happen.

Kaylia knew what she'd said over comms, but she changed her mind. Captain's prerogative. There wasn't any reason to use the Conference room if all of the people needed were on the Bridge. Or they would end up being. Her command staff could decide to go in there anyway instead. Should they find it more appropriate. "I've got most of the details, which, speaking of. Now that we're on our way." Tapping the arm of the chair again, "Rest of the Senior Officers not already here, report to the Bridge."


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