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Welcome aboard Ensign!

Posted on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 @ 1:39am by Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: After the mission briefing on the bridge

Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr made her way to the main sickbay, she was way overdue for her check in physical as she had attended the mission briefing on the bridge. The sickbay doors swished open and she looked about, “Hello, is anyone available?” she said in a soft, lyrical voice.

A nurse looked over and held up one finger, the universal sign for 'hold on'... or one... or up... or... okay, maybe not universal but she followed it up with an open hand, as in Stop. The Haliian she was working on didn't seem to appreciate the help, nor the attention.

A door off to the side swished and stayed open, which was kind of unusual but it was something to look at while she waited. The small decal next to the door indicated it was the CMO's office. From within she recognized the woman that crossed just inside the threshold; she'd been standing by Pashi's science station on the bridge earlier during the briefing.

The lady inside made a couple more passes until she noticed someone there. Smiling she waved Pashi into her office.

"Come in please. My door is almost always open unless I'm seeing someone." As evidence, once Pashi stepped into the office, Kell keyed the door closed.

"What can I help you with today? I remember you from the bridge but I don't think we've met yet."

Pashi looked about the CMO’s office, then at the Doctor Asaa. She tilted her antenna forward and replied “By accent, name, and demeanor I would say you’re an Antosian. Though I do not speak the language I have meet a couple at the Andorian Art Academy. Strange I never heard of any joining Starfleet though, given their history with what happened with Captain Garth of Izar. I digress though, I am Ensign Pashi zh’Vhohlehr and I am reporting for my onboarding physical.” She replied in a soft and lyrical voice. “I believe you’re the individual that stood next to my station during the briefing?”

Kell smiled and motioned her to the biobed in the office. "Welcome aboard Ensign, I wondered if you were our Aenar... Yes, I was standing near your station earlier. And it's a discerning ear that can pick out my accent that succinctly. I haven't checked the demographics but I would hazard a guess that there are probably as few Aenar as there are Antosian within Starfleet."

Kell worked while she spoke, watching to ensure Pashi was relaxed as she worked.

"I only know of one other personally, my Uncle, and two others by name only. We really don't get involved as a rule, we have lived in isolation for a long time and most are quite content with that. I am... different, as was my Uncle." Kell paused as she considered the other reference Pashi had made.

"As for the intrepid captain... I understand he's been treated for the mental illness he incurred, but he was warned. He was surprisingly skilled once he learned certain things, but he had not the discipline for what we revealed to him. Antosians will likely be resistant for a long time to letting anyone..."

Kell waved her hands to interrupt herself and resumed her exam. "No worries on that, it is the past, things were learned on many sides and will undoubtedly shape some destinies for years to come. Now, from what I can see here, you seem to be in acceptable condition, very good in fact. Are you feeling any abnormal conditions? Visions or dizziness or displacement, even though I remember from your file you did not inherit your ancestor's telepathic talents?"

A musical strain subtly playing in the background shifted and Pashi could recognize something from a band of old Earth... The Hu...

Pashi smiled at the doctor “I am a hybrid: one of my fathers is full Andorian, the Thann; the other is full Aenar, the Chan; one of my mothers is full Andorian, the Shen; and the other full Aenar is the Zhen. I assume you understand Andorian and Aenar reproduction and what the differences are between the males and females are? I am not trying to be insulting; it is just I have found most do not, even Starfleet physicians.” Pashi watched to see if she had offended the doctor as she truly had no wish to do so.

Kell smiles, "Of course. Our crew is quite diverse and it's taken me a bit to catch up on a few individuals I was not previously familiar with. Fortunately, for me, I've been here a while so I only had to familiarize myself with the new crew."

“As for my health, yes I am in perfect health and my bandmate's and I are not in the requirement as of yet for Shelthreth. I have gained excellent vision, but it seems to have been at the cost of my telepathic abilities. I am not currently suffering any adverse effects and just need to get familiar with the ship and crew. Is that the Mongolian metal band Hu playing in the background?” she inquired.

Kell actually glanced over her shoulder, as if looking for the source of the music. "Oh... yes! You're familiar with them? That is almost more obscure than recognizing my accent." Her smile was wider as she tapped in information to her forearm PADD...

Pashi blushed, her cheeks becoming a deep blue purple “Aenar and Andorians have exceptional hearing. As for recognizing the band HU; I wrote a critically acclaimed paper on comparative Xeno linguistic anthropology of Terran (Tibetan) Throat singing and Tellar Nasal singing, which included Mongolian throat singing while I was Professor of Linguistics at Starfleet Academy. That paper brought me to the attention of Starfleet Command who thought I would better serve Starfleet here rather than as an instructor.”

Kell's eyes widen and she gets excited. "OH! I have to look that up! If I have questions, can I come find you?"

Pashi again blushed, her cheeks becoming a deep blue-purple “Of course you may Doctor. I will be busy examine the ‘signals’ coming from the Mutara Sector, as well as any other relevant data to our mission. I would however be honored if you come and see me with any questions.”

Kell maintained her excited face... "I promise not to pester you on the bridge while you're actually working. And I'm sure we'll see each other, it's a ship, not a space station. There will be meals and staff meetings, so we'll see each other, even when the pace is busy! But in the meantime, you have a clean bill of health and that will be in my report to the Captain. Feel free to swing by if you have any questions or changing conditions, or if you just need to find a place to relax. Maybe I'll have something new playing."

Pashi smiled “I’ll keep it in mind doctor. Thanks.” She hoped down and made her way out of the sick bay.

Kell keyed the unlock on her door so that it quietly slid open as the interesting Ensign neared it and then walked through.

"Good luck analyzing that signal. I'm slightly curious myself..."

Kell filed the info, paraphrasing a report to the Capt and XO. When she tapped send, she wondered what wonders they might encounter, in a place that no one is allowed to normally go. And also, what dangers as well. She knew her medical crew was adept and had proven their capability to perform under pressure, but she still worried a bit, this area could very well present new challenges.

'Now,' she thought to herself, as she keyed in a search for a certain research paper...


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