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There is no Shakedown Part 2

Posted on Thu Mar 9th, 2023 @ 2:36am by Commander Rosa Coy & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Lieutenant Commander Allen Yankovic & Major Damon Griffith & Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Kesar & Ensign Theo Cauthon & Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr & Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto & Thomas Mathews

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current

Kaylia knew what she'd said over comms, but she changed her mind. Captain's prerogative. There wasn't any reason to use the Conference room if all of the people needed were on the Bridge. Or they would end up being. Her command staff could decide to go in there anyway instead. Should they find it more appropriate. "I've got most of the details, which, speaking of. Now that we're on our way." Tapping the arm of the chair again, "Rest of the Senior Officers not already here, report to the Bridge."

Kell hopped up when she heard the comm from the Capt, about to head for the meeting anyway and just adjusts for the new destination... she was interested in what went on on the bridge anyway. Waving at her team on the way across sickbay, she heads down the corridor for the lift.


As the good doctor exits the lift she nods at the staff assembled thus far and is pleasantly surprised she's not the last to arrive... at least she assumes so by those in attendance. She finds a position just far enough away from active workstations so she's not in the way but so she can observe. Her Uncle always told her, 'you never know when some extra skills could come in handy!'

Theo was at his station awaiting the briefing from the captain, it had been a while since he was this excited getting underway on his first mission , he nodded at the captain and tinckered with his station trying to get a handle on the operations console.

Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr moved her antennae about to better hear what was said as she tilted her head. She was still working at the Auxiliary science station and was curious as to why Starfleet would order them to a forbidden sector of space.

Kell peeked over an Ensign's shoulder, subtly looking to see what she was working on. Kell knew nothing so far about where they were going so she figured she'd better pay attention and a science station seemed to be the right place but what the Ensign was working on didn't seem to be related. Then doctor mode kicked in and she couldn't quite place the Aenar, so she must not have done her onboarding yet.

Damon stood at a parade rest at his station. The area of space they were going to had been the center of many different rumors. Most of them were rumors and classified if anyone tried to confirm them or deny them. However if Starfleet was ordering them to a restricted area of space then the situation was likely urgent and thus, the Major made sure that he'd keep his security on alert. There was a reason the Liberty was going to the Mutara System and in time it was likely that they'd find out why.

Commander Westlake had returned to the XOs chair and waited for the rest of the senior officers to arrive on the bridge. Details were scant for their upcoming but hopefully there would be more details forthcoming soon enough.

"This should be everyone I believe," Kaylia gave a look around the Bridge doing a head count. "Does anyone object to just doing the briefing here instead of the Conference room?"

Kell shook her head, looking around the room to see if anyone would actually object.

"I believe as they say Captain, the bridge is yours" Jennifer commented as she looked around the bridge and waited for the Captain to begin.

Interesting. Can't say we've ever had someone question their staff as this Captain is doing. Coy tried to ignore her inner thoughts by locking down her station, and then rotating around to face the cat like woman at the center of the bridge.

Alex slid quietly into the room. She hated that she had been a bit late. Leaning against the wall, she stayed near the door, watching her surroundings.

At the station Pashi now had the computer recognizing her as an authorized individual and having made the necessary adjustments to the console, switching to Andorian Gaelic script she began pulling up data on the Mutara System. The first thing to pop up was the information on the Mutara Interdimensional Deep Space Array System. She quickly scanned the data, and while interesting, decided it did not apply to the current situation. She began digging deeper and up game the data on the Genesis sector of the Mutara Sector, this was what she suspected the briefing was going to be about, she began scanning the data on the system and project that brought it about, as she listened to the briefing.

"Obviously," standing up, Kaylia gave a glance to them, then moved to in front of the view screen so she'd be easier to be seen. "The Mutara sector as a whole is off limits. As mentioned before, if it wasn't heard. Generally going there can warrant the death penalty. Which has been lifted for us. There's been passing scans of transmissions coming from the system. However, not just from possible ships. Actual planetary signals. Strange reading, that only were gotten far off as well coming from the Nebula itself. Those that didn't know, the Genesis Planet was destroyed in 2285 because of a terraforming project gone wrong. Being we're newly refitted, and not on a mission, Starfleet has ordered us to go and see just what is going on."

What the captain was saying did not match the data she was reviewing on the Genesis Planet or project for that matter. It was the use of protomatter in the Genesis Device, added to the fact the device was detonated within the Mutara Nebula. The device was never intended to be used in such a manner, it had reorganized the matter that constituted the Mutara Nebula and the doomed Starship USS Reliant (NCC-1864). She knew this from both the data and being an admirer of both Admiral Kirk and Mister Spock. The Genesis had a highly unstable core and the planet aged rapidly and eventually tore itself apart in an explosion as violent and powerful as the one that created it. There was, supposedly, still functioning Federation scientific research laboratory orbiting a D-class planetoid in Mutara sector; that, that again was associated with the Genesis project.

Pashi was deeply interested in these “signals” coming from the Mutara sector. There was a known intelligence species, if they had found a way to overcome their infertility and accelerated biochemistry, the Scalosian. Out of curiosity Pashi did something extremely out of character for her, she asked a question of a superior officer “Sir, is it possible these ‘signals’ are coming from Scalos? It is, if I am correct, still unknown if the Scalosian species exist. The planet has been under quarantine by the Federation since the twenty-third century, after their encounter with the USS Enterprise in 2268.”

Kell subtly tapped in notes to her forearm PADD to look up later.

Alex frowned. While he knew little about the signals they had come across, she did know that they could be going into a hornets' nest. The unknown always had the possibility. She knew that she herself would do all she could to keep people alive. However, she was a diplomat/counselor and that meant
that she was good at talking with people. But it was mostly in formal/work situations. She mostly liked watching people, to see how they interacted with each other. Looking around, she waited for people to react to what had just been said.

"I don't know, Ensign. It's possible, it may not be. It's entirely possible that's who's doing that. Either way, whomever or whatever is going on is why we are headed there." Kaylia tilted her head a little. "I know what you're thinking. Not all of that information that is open right now, just to us, is the full story. There's a lot of redacted information still only I've got the information to about what actually happened back then with the Genesis device."

Kell's eyes widened ever-so-slightly. She guessed few were privy to what was about to be shared.

Pashi antennae stood straight up and began quivering. She was excited at the prospect of going to the Mutara Sector. A chance to explore a sector of space that the Federation had put off limits for a very long time.



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